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At Ironwood Builders we can turn your unused or dated basement space into a space you and your family can enjoy, and provide increased property value to homeowners. Like all of our other work, basement projects are a multi-step process involving an initial consultation, in home inspection and evaluation, design consultation, pre-work, and then the actual remodeling itself. Once a work schedule and agreement is in place, we handle all other details, such as submitting design plans to the local building department, obtaining construction permits, purchasing all necessary supplies and building materials, and arranging for all inspections.

Keys to a successful basement renovation are the initial site inspection, working with the homeowner on design and then scheduling. If a basement has a moisture problem or standing water, these need to be resolved as soon as possible – either by injecting cracks in walls, snaking plugged drains, or even more comprehensive solutions like internal drainage systems or exterior foundation work, including waterproofing and weeping tile. We will assess the situation with the customer and come up with the best solutions. We also understand that living through a renovation can be a challenge, so we take care to work through a proper plan with our clients in order to minimize disruptions to your daily routine. Our job is not complete until we clean up!

Kitchens and Bathrooms:

In order to make your kitchen or bathroom renovation projects a success, you need to work with a contractor who has the right combination of skills, experience, and ideas to make your vision come to life. You want a contractor who acts as a partner, freely exchanging ideas and searching for ways to optimize your space while increasing the value of your home in the process.

While bathroom renovations are generally regarded as providing the most potential resale value, second only to kitchen renovations, we recommend homeowners proceed with caution and give careful thought to what features they want integrated into the project. This is because of the time, expense, and disruption to the home that may occur as a result. A major bathroom renovation could take weeks to complete, resulting in inconvenient sharing arrangements that otherwise wouldn’t be necessary. The hallmark of successful kitchen and bathroom renovations is a plan that includes features that are efficient, well thought out, and aesthetically pleasing to the homeowner.